Mutual Respect Powers Sexual Acceptance to PLAY NICE!

PAY NICE we were told by our parents; PLAY NICE at school at the park in our sandbox. Brigitte Kimichik and J.R. Tomlinson the authors of PLAY NICE embark on balance in the battle of the sexes. Drawing from personal experiences Brigitte and J.R. share a powerful provoking message encouraging us all to PLAY NICE at work and at play…together. No matter if you are a women or man cooperation in the “sandbox” lifts up the team with advanced and prolonged achievements. Brigitte and J.R. want us to know that we can accomplish anything if we learn to work and PLAY NICE together.

        Putting on your game face

As women suit-up and step onto the playing field where men have dom-inated for centuries, there is a new awakening with new possibilities; a new partnership for women and men. The game has changed with men and women teaming up; leveraging each of the sexes strengths creating a formidable partnership. Each woman and each man will enjoy more power through diverse skill sets elevating both to achievements unavailable singularly and never seen before.

A great awakening is occurring with people rising up and saying “stop”, “no more”; “no more sexual harassment, no more sexual abuse, no more sexual violence.” Our social culture is responding punishing perpetrators having escaped accountability for decades. Power and money is no longer a safeguard to bad behavior. Social trans-formation is causing conflict between the sexes. History has shown that men have typically used physical force to win battles and for centuries winning has been de-pendent on a man’s ability to use might and force to “take the hill”; win the battle, win the war…with sex being used as a weapon.

Sex is NO weapon so Play Nice

History has shown that following conflict positive changes occur. With forgiveness and a “clearing of the air” a clean canvas can represent new beginnings with better communication and more cooperation. Brigitte and J.R. with PLAY NICE are sparking positive cultural transformation uniting women and men with like minds for common goals. Mindful, thought provoking reasoning and discussion is provoking positive social cultural changes. Our world is changing for the better and through conflict and negotiation a more elevated life with higher achievements will be available for both women and men by adopting PLAYing NICE.

Women like Brigitte and J.R. are standing up for truth and justice as advocates for cooperation not condemnation. With advocates like Brigitte and J.R., our legal system is beginning to take baby steps towards fixing sexual harassment and healing a nation in pain. PLAY NICE is the first in a series of remarkable books shedding light on the age old problem of sexual harassment but with a positivetwist. Both men and women in the work place deserve equal and fair conduct, equal and fair wages and an equal and fair voice. Read PLAY NICE, and join in our
positive sexual transformation. Don’t be left behind. Read PLAY NICE. Let’s change our lives for the better.

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