Episode 179: George Makaye

George Makaye is the president of two Dallas-Ft Worth-based companies; GXA, an IT consulting firm specializing in managed technology solutions, and Makaye InfoSec, a Managed Security Services Provider specializing in IT risk assessment, compliance and managed cyber security.

Born and raised in Kenya, George studied electrical engineering at Moi University.. Near the end of his education, he discovered that his father had entered him, along with his five brothers and sisters, in the newly created US green card lottery, also known as the Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery, a 1990 program created to benefit educated immigrants from countries that send few nationals to the US. George was one of the 50,000 lottery winners randomly chosen worldwide to receive a green card and a chance at the American dream.

George moved to the US and settled in Dallas landing a job at HBR Technologies as a printer technician, working his way up to senior system engineer within a year. He met his future wife, Alicia, and the pair’s shared passion for service led to missionary work locally and across the world during their time off.

On a return trip to Kenya, George was reminded of the stark differences between resources of his homeland and those of his adopted country, cementing his resolve to do everything in his power to share the wealth and benefits of the incredible opportunity given to him.

With this goal in mind, George and Alicia quit their jobs and started their first company, GXA, with the dual mission of providing best-in-class IT services while using the revenue and resources provided by the success of the business to do good works that will empower the next generation, create a better world and ensure brighter future for us all.
The Makaye’s philanthropic projects are both local and international. Alongside their network of volunteers, they’ve developed schools and health clinics, coordinated clothing donations, empowered low-income communities, built computer centers, supported food distribution networks and organized local cleanups.

George and Alicia live in Allen, Texas with their two children, Zack (11) and Sania (3.)

For more information visit:
Twitter link: https://twitter.com/GeorgeMakaye
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