Episode 192: Conor Delaney

Conor Delaney got his securities licenses at age 19 while attending Alvernia University, switched to night classes and began to grow his practice during the day from nothing. In just five years’ time, his partner, Courtnie Nein, had joined him and they ended up building one of the largest practices at their prior firm out of 1,500 advisors. They rose to the top and decided they wanted more. His successful partnership with Courtnie led the team to start Good Life Financial Advisors. This gave them the ability to do more for their current and future clients, while also creating the opportunity to roll out a national platform that is intuitively designed to accommodate successful advisors who share in the same desire – serving their clients, community and family. The service organization to support other financial advisors was formed shortly after, and they began to add the other entities to fill the needs of their advisors. He has since built a firm of independent financial advisors serving more than 15,000 people around the U.S. in more than 30 different states. Since 2012, Good Life has grown from two advisors and $253,000 in assets to more than 135 advisors and almost $3.5 billion in AUM.

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