Episode 42: Mel Lisiten

Mel Lisiten began his career in the fashion industry as a design and marketing entrepreneur with a business and art background. He soon built several fashion companies, one of which became, and still is a huge international sportswear brand and sold it to Getty Family Interests.

Simultaneously, Mel invested in real estate under the name “INSTAHOUSE”. After a short while, his real estate venture grew to become a multi-million dollar enterprise engaged in the business of purchasing, renovating, furnishing and renting homes in both California and Colorado.

In 1991, the name of the company was changed to LISITEN ASSOCIATES as the business became more “GLOBALIZED” and the business brokering spread to all industries and began advertising worldwide.

For many years now LISITEN ASSOCIATES has been servicing all types of industries and has sold well over 700 companies and businesses of all conceivable types.

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