Alliance Petroleum, J4 Capital, and Grow VC on CEO Money

Taylor Stilovich
Alliance Petroleum

Alliance Petroleum Interests explores, develops and acquires prolific oil and gas reserves primarily located in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Colorado. They are actively acquiring acreage in these areas with plans to continue an aggressive expansion campaign for many years to come.
Alliance is a privately owned oil and gas company that partners with major operators to utilize the latest in drilling technology to dramatically increase the likelihood of drilling productive wells. The company will always seek to ensure that all geological attributes of a prospect we have selected meet our stringent criteria for improving the likelihood of financial success for Alliance and their partners.

Jeff Glickman
J4 Capital LLC

J4 Capital LLC operates the first Artificial Superintelligence which understands how and why the financial markets operate and function. Jeff Glickman, its developer, holds foundational patents in machine learning. Steve Jacobs was the first person to trade financial futures.
J4 Capital LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor using its proprietary Artificial Superintelligence to engineer financial products with a variety of risk/return characteristics. J4 currently invests clients in SPY, multi-stock ETFs and currencies, and can provide our advisor services across a wide variety of tradable securities and derivatives. For additional information please contact J4 Client Services.

Valto Loikkanen
Grow VC Group

Established in 2009, Grow VC Group is the global leader of fintech innovations, digital and distributed finance services, and digital infratructures. Their mission is to make the finance services more effective, transparent and democratic.

Grow VC builds businesses that enable digital finance services globally, by offering technology, data, finance instruments and competence to disrupt the old finance models, and making it easier for anyone to implement new finance services, invest and get access to capital.