BlockFi, O’Neill Capital Advisors, and ValuCorp on CEO Money

Zac Prince
Founder & CEO

Zac Prince is the Founder & CEO of BlockFi, a New York-based fintech company providing loans backed by Bitcoin and Ether. BlockFi is building a diversified financial institution for the future, designed to operate within a blockchain based world, and they’re starting it all with lending. They aim to have a positive impact on the trajectory of global credit availability and the cryptoasset market.

Michael Gilburd
ValuCorp™ is a full service business valuation firm specializing in helping clients put to use the expert valuations we prepare for them. We separate ourselves from other firms by adding into the valuation process a mix of insight and expertise that clients and their advisors can integrate into planning, budgeting, business development and liquidity strategies.

Dennis O’Neill
CEO – O’Neill Capital Advisors

O’Neill Capital Advisors specializes in Family Office Capital Raises.
Dennis O’Neill has a significant amount of experience and success in Sales, Marketing, Corporate Strategy, Business Development, Financial Media, Public Relations,PR, and Investment Banking(Family Offices, Hedge Funds, Private Equity,Venture capital, Debt, IPO, Reverse Mergers) REG A IPO. He has done quite a few deals in the Private Equity, Small Cap and Micro Cap space. Here are a couple of examples of recent companies.