Blue Moon Advisors, Bold Agency, and Tieback Realty on CEO Money

Chase Abraham
Business Development Manager
Blue Moon Advisors

On Today’s show, Chase Abraham talks about the Blue Moon quarterly event and shareholder meeting happening today, and some of the latest companies that Blue Moon has scored with at least a 925 on their Capital Readiness Report – showing that they are fund ready.

Joe Chavez
CEO | President
Bold Agency

With over 15 years of experience in the ever evolving entertainment industry, Bold Agency, prides itself in offering some of the best professionals working today in “Hollywood South”.
Joe Chavez is a Media Strategist responsible for executive marketing efforts for one of the leading entertainment agencies in Texas & Southeast marketplace. He has over 18+ years of sales experience across all new media platforms.

Richard McCay
CEO and Co-Founder
Tieback Realty

Tieback Realty Capital (“TRC”) is launching with the vision of becoming a premier lending platform in the opportunistic residential capital market. TRC will provide a technology driven platform that reduces the friction for developers and institutionally minded investors. They will plan to offer custom financing solutions for individual developers. The team behind TRC has a combined 300 plus years of real estate related experience in development, finance, management, accounting and law at the highest levels.