Digital Strategy talk, Effective Focus Inc, and Chef JB’S Badlands BBQ on CEO Money

Giovanni Gallucci
Digital Strategist

In today’s talk, Giovanni is discussing the evolution of online search that is happening because of the huge volume of audio search – people speaking to smart phones and home assistant devices as their primary tool to search online. This trend means your website needs content geared towards how people speak and ask questions so that search engines will bring that huge volume of audio queries to your site.

Kristine Conway MS, PCC
CEO – Effective Focus, Inc.

Kristine Conway is the CEO of Effective Focus, Inc. EFI is a partner in change that moves organizations and individuals forward by removing self-imposed barriers.
Kristine demonstrates how “getting out of your own way” be it individual or organization is the most powerful technique to increase effectiveness. Kristine partners with clients in exposing their own traditional illusions (however painful), which leads to increased innovation, improved personal accountability and strengthening of leaders.
What is an organization but a collection of individuals – if the individuals are stuck the organization isn’t going anywhere. Kristine works at the individual level first so that the organization can surpass expectations and create new possibilities. The Effective Coach program is set to be a game changer for organizations that want to take their results to the next level.
Kristine has helped many companies across multiple industries to drive change, including Baylor Health Care System, Denny’s, Taco Bueno, and USMD.

Chef James “JB” Brown AAC
Chef JB’S Badlands BBQ Rubs and Sauces

Chef JB Brown AAC has over 50 years of culinary and BBQ experience. He has opened Major Casinos and convention centers in Las Vegas feeding many thousands of guests daily. He has spent the last 25 years owning and operating one of Las Vegas Premier Catering Company’s. Chef JB is World Renowned Chef with many culinary awards and achievements. He is a member of the American Academy of Chefs, which is the honor society of chefs for The American Culinary Federation (the only authority for Chefs in the USA).His tried and true award winning BBQ Recipes are true palate pleasers. Chef JB is also a Disabled American Veteran.