Donald Lee Sheppard, nFusz Updates, and Elm Partners on CEO Money

Donald Lee Sheppard
CEO & Author of The Dividends of Decency
Sheppard Properties, LLC

Donald Lee Sheppard’s THE DIVIDENDS OF DECENCY: How Values-Based Leadership Will Help Business Flourish in Trump’s America embodies both an expression of outrage against the values and policies of Donald Trump and a strategy for elevating the status of American business.
Sheppard’s methods of achieving success are in stark contrast to Donald Trump’s. Sheppard employs a three-part structure—the Win-Win-Win Model for achieving success—that serves as both a touchstone and a guidebook for enabling leaders to recognize and avoid the negative impact of policies and values similar to Trump’s. Readers of all backgrounds will discover that leading ethically, from a position of values, is good for business, is good not only for U.S. Business, but for America’s communities and its citizens.

Rory Cutaia

On this weeks’s CEO Money show, nFusz CEO Rory Cutaia briefs us about two big announcements that the company made this week.
On May 8th, nFusz, Inc. announced it has expanded its notifi product line to include notifiTEACH, an interactive video-based learning platform for schools, and announces its launch with suburban Chicago District 300, the 6th largest school district in the state of Illinois. District 300 serves more than 20,000 students at their public elementary, middle, and high schools. District 300 and nFusz have entered into an agreement pursuant to which nFusz will issue District 300 licenses for the notifiTEACH interactive video platform. notifiTEACH will be utilized by all District 300 schools, as well as by the district office, as a learning and communication tool between faculty and students, parents, and community stakeholders.
Also this week, nFusz, Inc. and North Texas based D&M Leasing, the largest consumer auto leasing company in America, announces their strategic partnership to change the way consumers think and feel about auto leasing.

Victor Haghani
founder and CIO
Elm Partners

Victor Haghani has spent nearly 30 years actively involved in markets and financial innovation. He started his career in 1984 in bond portfolio analysis research at Salomon Brothers, and later became a managing director in the bond arbitrage group run by John Meriwether. In 1993 Victor became a founding partner of Long-Term Capital Management. His participation in the failure of LTCM was a seminal experience that led him to question and revise much of the way he thought about the economy, markets and investing. Through a study of the academic literature on investing as a visiting lecturer and researcher at the London School of Economics, and discussions with friends, colleagues, and investors of all backgrounds, Victor concluded that savers can and should do much better. He is the CIO of Elm Partners, which he founded in 2011 to help investors manage their savings in an efficient and disciplined manner, and to capture the long term returns they ought to earn.