Essence Crypto, Bitcoin Advisory, and Scott Deatherage Law on CEO Money

Yaliwe Soko
Essence Crypto

Essence Crypto Currency is a wholly owned African Blockchain and Cryptocurrency consultancy and advisory firm. Established in 2017 by a team of young dynamic and vibrant crypto enthusiasts, who believe in the power of the blockchain technology and the effective change it will bring to Africa and the world at large.

Pierre Rochard
Bitcoin Advisory

Headquartered in New York City, Bitcoin Advisory is a trusted source of insights about Bitcoin. Our independent, fee-only firm specializes in Bitcoin’s economics and software engineering. Whether you are a private investor, family office, hedge fund, or an endowment fund, we explain how and why Bitcoin works, as well as help you navigate its ecosystem. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every consultation and customize our content to your individual needs and concerns.

Scott Deatherage
Attorney and consultant in energy, environmental, and blockchain technology.
S Deatherage Law, PLLC

Over the last 30 years of his career, Scott has focused his practice on energy, environment, water, and climate change. As a partner in nationally known large law firms, he has worked with clients to solve regulatory challenges and to capitalize on emerging technologies such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy storage. More recently he has become an advisor to a startup company applying blockchain and artificial intelligence technology to electricity markets. Scott is always focused on innovation in his practice and seeing what the future holds for his clients, and applying creativity to solve legal issues and advance client goals.