Expert Dojo, and Pagetrader on CEO Money

Brian MacMahon
Expert Dojo

Brian Mac Mahon is the founder of Expert DOJO, the largest startup high-performance center for entrepreneurs in Southern California. He has consulted and coached in over 35 countries so he brings a global perspective to starting and growing your small business. Brian has been teaching the power of connecting with your community and how to turn a pay it forward mindset into a revenue generator for years and combines this teaching with the experience of working with thousands of small business over the years.
As Brian also heads the Expert DOJO High-performance accelerator he has access to thousands of experts and mentors who will help any entrepreneur find out whatever they need to know to pursue their small business dream. He also speaks all over the world on how to start, grow and expand any business, so is a vital partner for any small business team.

David Williams
President – Pagetrader
After years of day trading in the marketplace, our founder David Williams, created a trading product unlike any other. Using the forecasting methodology of Spatial Relationship Forecasting, the solutions provided by PageTrader are not mere changes to a repackaged or readjusted indicator provided by another trading system. When you want a superior day trading system solution for your investing portfolio, you want the products created by PageTrader. For superior forecasting services, PageTrader is the right choice for your daytrading activities.