Greenerways Organic, and Dr Woodrow Clark on CEO Money

Jayme Bella
Founder and CEO
Greenerways Organic
Greenerways Organic’s genesis stems from what Mama Bella always told her granddaughter, Jayme, “Read the labels; if there are chemicals or ingredients you can’t pronounce, don’t buy the product.”
This was never more important to Jayme Bella than during her first pregnancy in 2008. That summer her home was damaged by a severe storm and became infested with insects. Reading the labels of traditional insect repellants and realizing they were ridden with harmful chemicals and other ingredients unknown to her, she was fearful of what effect they could have on her unborn child.
Today, after three successful years on QVC and this past year on, Greenerways Organic has not only its Bug Repellent, but also a Mosquito FreeZone pouch, on sale at stores nationwide including Costco US, CVS Pharmacy, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, 7 Eleven, Ahold, National Coop Grocers, Whole Foods Market, Wegmans, Natural Grocers, Lowes Foods, TrueValue, and Giant Eagle.
Greenerways Organic products are available in 400 Costco stores nationwide, 2200 CVS Pharmacys and all locations of the other retailers above.

Woodrow Clark II, PhD
Clark Strategic Partners

Dr. Clark founded Clark Strategic Partners (CSP) in 2004 which is an environmental and renewable energy for political-economic expertise for communities, colleges and cities. In February 2016, he was selected to UN B20 Finance Force sponsored by China. In October 2016, the UN B20 Finance and Infrastructure Task Force sponsored by Germany who will report on financial solutions to climate change.