Hacking Local search listings, Conservaco and crowdfunding, and Effective Leadership Strategy on CEO Money

Hacking your local listings with Giovanni Gallucci
In this week’s digital strategy segment, Giovanni goes over some of the most important tricks that everyone needs to use to make sure that their business has the optimum appearance in local search listings. Since local business listings and citations play a major role in online reputation and rankings, Giovanni discusses how using a tool like www.moz.com can be a quick but essential way to improve your listing.

Mark Thimmig
Chairman, CEO
Conservaco, LLC

Conservaco, LLC is a leading curator of brands. However, we are more than just a portfolio of brands; We are inventors and creators with a unique array of capabilities designed to provide our clients with opportunities for extraordinary value creation in the ever-connected world.
Mark is an industry expert and thought leader in launching new brands and products along with raising capital through crowdfunding. I love investing in and helping build great companies with exceptional people. Mark is also a highly sought-after speaker and advisor for his entrepreneurial and international business experience. I am fortunate to work with clients and partners on a global basis focusing on mergers, acquisitions, new brands, product launches and business development.

Kristine Conway MS, PCC
Effective Focus, Inc.
This week, Kristine talks with Michael about how executives and leaders should decide on and enact their long term strategies. How to you determine the milestones and metrics for the strategy for your company, and how do you determine when your long-term plan is working despite the evidence, or if you need to shift or re-calibrate your plans? Tune in for answers!
Kristine Conway is the CEO of Effective Focus, Inc. EFI is a partner in change that moves organizations and individuals forward by removing self-imposed barriers.
Kristine demonstrates how “getting out of your own way” be it individual or organization is the most powerful technique to increase effectiveness. Kristine partners with clients in exposing their own traditional illusions (however painful), which leads to increased innovation, improved personal accountability and strengthening of leaders.