Hooray Health, Dicerna Pharmaceuticals, and Timicoin on CEO Money

Shane Foss
Founder and CEO
Hooray Health

Hooray Health is a company dedicated to providing affordable basic and urgent health care alternatives or supplemental care to high-deductible health plans. In doing so they provide peace of mind for lower income individuals and families who face medical challenges while also providing business owners with an affordable way to reward and retain employees.
Shane Foss has been in healthcare for over 25 years and loves the idea of creating affordable healthcare options for people that need it. Healthcare has dramatically changed for the worst in recent years – by limiting access to providers, eliminating pricing transparency and demanding that Americans purchase unaffordable health insurance coverage. Many of us have been personally affected, shocked and outraged at what health insurance costs, covers and the cost of what it doesn’t cover.

Regular CEO Money contributor John Vandermosten from Zacks Small-Cap Research guests hosts this interview:

Douglas Fambrough
President and CEO
Dicerna Pharmaceuticals – NASDAQ:DRNA

Today we are going to speak with Doug Fambrough, who is the CEO of Dicerna Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: DRNA) which is a $700 million market cap RNA-interference company developing a portfolio of products addressing liver diseases.
Dicerna is working to improve the lives of people suffering from rare diseases, chronic liver diseases, cardiovascular disease, and viral liver infectious diseases. We discover and develop innovative therapies to stop or turn off destructive disease processes by silencing the genes underlying these processes.

Will Lowe
CEO – TimiCoin

About Timicoin:
The Mobile Health Record Platform via a mobile application allows for complete security of medical records accessible from anywhere in the world.Timicoin (Timicoin.io) is a patent-pending solution to securing patient data, while providing unprecedented portability. The company is actively working on pilot programs in Mexico City and Monterrey, Mexico.