InItForTheMoney, nFusz, and Aperture

Asger Folmann
Crypto investor, influencer, actor
In it for the Money

In it for the Money aims to provide you with information on the latest cryptos and ICOs, as well as which cryptos may yield the highest gains through free videos available online and the monthly Folmann Report.

Asger Folmann has an MA in Danish & Communication, and MS in Psychology. His is Danish, but moved to the US and married childhood girlfriend, the singer, Emma Cairo. Asger is a part time actor & full-time crypto investor, Publisher and author of The Folmann report, a biweekly crypto investment newsletter.

Rory Cutaia
CEO – nFusz

nFusz CEO Rory Cutaia brins us a live update from the Oracle Netsuite worl dconference in Las Vegas, where he is debuting a new partnership with Oracle Netsuite.

nFusz is poised to disrupt the CRM industry because its notifiCRM is designed to create customer engagement while other CRM applications merely track customer engagement.

Andrew Jewett

Aperture is a California based real estate technology and investment company focused on the acquisition, rehabilitation and disposition of distressed residential real estate and writing loans to smaller investors with the same strategy.
Prior to co-founding Aperture in 2016, Andrew was the co-head of capital at the largest fix and flip operators in the U.S. While there, Andrew was responsible for the oversight and management of institutional fundraising efforts, including equity raises, corporate debt and structured investment vehicles. Andrew was also involved in strategy, underwriting guidelines, credit decisions, loan sales and capital markets activities at that company’s investor loan origination subsidiary, one of the largest private money lenders in the industry.