Kakushin, Optium Cyber Systems, and Uses of Money Newsletter on CEO Money

Sachin Bhargava
ICO Advisor, Serial Entrepreneur , CryptoCurrency Investor, Advisor to Blockchain
Cofounder and CTO – Kakushin Ecosystem (Prious labs LLC)

The Kakushin Ecosystem uses blockchain to enable innovators to find access to funding, unlocking the potential for ground-breaking creativity all over the world.

Kakushin believes in a new world, in which all innovators have the chance to develop their dreams and turn them into reality. We are confident we can make it happen. With us, innovative thinkers in R&D departments, on production lines and in marketing companies will be able to focus on doing what they do best-creating the solutions needed for a better world.

George Rutherford
Optium Cyber Systems, Inc – Nasdaq: OCSY

Optium Cyber Systems, Inc. (OCSY), is a Texas based corporation positioning itself to be a premier provider and industry leader of cyber-risk analysis with a specialized focus on the healthcare industry. OCSI is a publicly traded company having its common shares quoted on the OTC Markets under the symbol “OCSY”.
Headquartered in the Houston Texas area, Optium Cyber Systems was formed by professionals with decades of cumulative experience in information technology who understand the shortcomings of other players in the cyber security space. We have heard from too many customers for too long who were looking to make their company more secure and reduce their risk profile, but what they received instead was a giant report with no context for their business and no road map on what to do next.

Donovan Craig
The Uses of Money Newsletter

The Uses of Money Newsletter explores business, technology and culture from the perspective of the people and organizations that are building the future. It’s by, about and for decision makers. It’s distributed weekly via direct email to an exclusive global list of the very top entrepreneurs, c- suite executives, big league investors, technologists, top journalists, celebrities, cultural influencers, and thought leaders around the world. The mission is to provide readers with a weekly lightning bolt of cogency to light up the dark skies of information overload. If Groupthink is the giant army of Xerxes bearing down on Greece, then “Uses of Money” is the 300 Spartans manning the gap at Thermopylae.