KSW Solutions, nFusz Town Hall, and Visioary Research Group on CEO Money

Tal Paperin
VP Biz Dev. International Sales
KSW Solutions

KSW provides Consulting and Advising services, mostly related to various aspects of International Sales and Business Development, on 5 continents. Our clients – and the range of issues we`ve dealt with – are very different. Be it small Startups in Israel and Korea and all the way to multinational companies, operating in Eastern Europe – we`ve solved issues, boosted sales, provided valuable insight, planned Biz Dev road maps and much more.

nFusz – CEO Money Town Hall with Rory Cutaia, sponsored by nFusz, where we invite our listeners to submit questions to the CEO’s of the companies that we feature on our show.
nFusz circulates interactive videos throughout social media each week to elicit questions from shareholders and prospective shareholders of the companies we feature
on our show, that we’ll ask live on the air. These are REAL questions folks – YOUR questions.
We want to point out that all questions are screened in advance by nFusz to ensure that they are in compliance with SEC rules and regulations and do not seek disclosure of material, non-public information.

Steven Sable
Chairman-Xerox Distinguished Visionary Thinker-Emeritus
Visionary Thinking Group, LLC.

Visionary Thinking Group is a Disabled American Veteran (DAV)-owned applied research and technology accelerator firm. We are dedicated to resolving known or unknown fundamental issues in Client’s development activities and in-market products.

Their group is a blend of on-demand Polytechnic PhDs scientists and master–level engineers. We are agnostic with respect to any market vertical or corporate influence. Our solutions are created by a perspective differential unique to corporate inertia. We are in a constant mode of increasing our roster of resources.