Michael Markowski, GREDT a Diversitas Company, and Markets to Watch on CEO Money

Michael Markowski
CEO – Financial Analyst
Dynasty Wealth
On today’s show, WFN1 Contributor Michael Markowski talks about what is pervaps his biggest discovery ever – which if you are interested in cryptocurrency you will want to hear.
Dynasty Wealth was founded from research conducted by Michael Markowski on the transformation from the industrial to the digital economy. Mr. Markowski, a 40-year veteran of the securities markets predicts that the decade ending 2020 will be recorded by historians as the best ever for investors for returns of 100 to 1,000 times on investments. Producing such wealth quickly became possible ONLY after Netscape launched its Navigator browser in 1995. The launch of the first smart phone in 2007, resulted in apps accelerating the proliferation of the digital economy.

Geoffrey Atkins
GREDT, A Diversitas Company Inc.

Geoffrey Atkins founded the first minority owned consulting firm on Wall Street and co-founded the first Minority owned ad agency on Wall Street. Youngest Sales Rep hired by a Fortune 500 Food company at 19 years old. He worked on the first student exchange program between China and the United States as a faculty member at a CUNY school. He was selected to develop the first cultural audit of a municipal city in the US and all agencies in Durham, NC. He was selected to develop and deliver the first Global Diversity Management Conference for the Legal Community held at Harvard Law School with over 650 Managing Partners, corporate counselors and government agencies attending for 2 days. Recruited to be the Lead Consultant in Developing a Global Employee Development Program for Chase. 1st Entrepreneur to Serve as a Visting Professor in the Black Executive Exchange Program for the National Urban League. Winner of the NY NJ Minority Supplier of the Year Award and one of three winners of the prestigious National Minority Supplier of the Year Companies out of 15,000 eligible companies.

David Williams
President – Pagetrader

On the June 22nd show, David is talks about his expert forecast targets for:

  • the S&P
  • Gold
  • Crude Oil
  • Bitcoin

After years of day trading in the marketplace, our founder David Williams, created a trading product unlike any other. Using the forecasting methodology of Spatial Relationship Forecasting, the solutions provided by PageTrader are not mere changes to a repackaged or readjusted indicator provided by another trading system. When you want a superior day trading system solution for your investing portfolio, you want the products created by PageTrader. For superior forecasting services, PageTrader is the right choice for your daytrading activities.