Mind Fusion VR, Helparound, and Noya Yoga on CEO Money

Wade Stoddard
Mind Fusion VR

Enjoying 22 years in IT, Wade has a strong sense of what works technically for normal everyday people. He has a joy for tinkering and working on solutions that make people’s lives better. Beginning last year Wade became immersed in the power of VR. Presently, Wade is the CEO of Mind Fusion VR, which focuses on the immersive power of VR for training and retention of information. It is time that training evolved.

Yishai Knobel
CEO and co-founder
HelpAround’s mission is to alleviate the daily struggles of chronic patients and caregivers. The HelpAround platform allows organizations to match patients with the appropriate resources to improve patient access to care.
HelpAround allows chronics patients to join the platform by downloading the app specific to their condition and access a peer support network of patients like them. By offering linkage to care and real-time patient support in addition to crowd-sourced community support, HelpAround provides companies and organizations with a preferred channel to engage with their patients, improve access to care, increase retention and adherence while complying with healthcare regulations.

Christine Reppa

Noya is activewear designed by women for women. They have two major passions: nature and supporting badass babes who unapologetically follow their dreams no matter what limitations society tries to place on them.

Noya focuses on reducing the brand’s production impact on the environment by planting ten trees for every item sold, using eco-friendly material, and sourcing as locally as possible. Their designs are made in the USA, and a lot of them are made right in Dallas, TX where Noya makes it’s home.