Pagetrader, Harbour Capital Partners, and on CEO Money

David Williams
President – Pagetrader

After years of day trading in the marketplace, our founder David Williams, created a trading product unlike any other. Using the forecasting methodology of Spatial Relationship Forecasting, the solutions provided by PageTrader are not mere changes to a repackaged or readjusted indicator provided by another trading system. When you want a superior day trading system solution for your investing portfolio, you want the products created by PageTrader. For superior forecasting services, PageTrader is the right choice for your daytrading activities.
PageTrader, Ltd is a Nevada limited liability company, dedicated to being the #1 futures forecasting service in the world. Through our unparalleled experience and knowledge in the daytrading market, our trading systems have given investors the information they need at their fingertips, giving them a profitable trading solution – consistently.

Daniel Wachtel
Founder, CEO
Harbour Capital Partners

Daniel Wachtel is an expert business consultant helping clients with business planning, investments, mergers and acquisitions, financial forecasting, and various aspects of business growth, development, and sales execution. He is also a speaker for major companies and universities regarding his personal struggles and defeating the odds. Mr. Wachtel has supported, advised, and launched many private and public businesses. Mr. Wachtel also advises on brand marketing, social media campaigns, investor relations, and strategic relationship introductions. Mr. Wachtel received a Bachelors of Finance degree from William Paterson University’s Cotsakos College of Business and has taken Executive MBA Classes at the , Wharton School of Business.

Quirze Salomo
Home Meal Replacement S.A. (Nostrum)

Nostrum produces, distributes and sells its in-house prepared dishes that stand out for being prepared using traditional recipes, using 100% natural ingredients. Its quality is recognized by its clients resulting in a fan base of more than 800,000 members. The dishes are prepared in the central kitchens near Barcelona with a daily-fresh distribution to all its restaurants.
Nostrum has partnered with Cryptofranchise System AG in order to become the first brand in QSR creating and using its own cryptocurrency, the MealToken, as well as to collaborate on the development of the Cryptofranchise platform, underpinning franchise business models on blockchain technologies for the benefit of franchise-based businesses all over the world. Nostrum will be the first brand to make use of the Cryptofranchise System.