Pinpoint Homes, GrowthPilot, and Digital Strategy Talk on CEO Money

Mike Breese
PinPoint Homes, LLC

PinPoint Homes, LLC is an open-ended real estate fund offering investors excellent risk adjusted returns, with quarterly Distributions and opportunities for investment diversification that drive long term capital growth. The Fund was launched on March 1, 2017 in Minneapolis, MN with the goal of providing an exclusive, private and extremely nimble real estate investment unlike most traditional large institutions or Wall Street. Currently, the fund produces annualized returns over 40%.

Bill Weber

GrowthPilot has been assisting some of the most innovative companies in the world for fifteen years, working within their teams to investigate new product ideas aimed at new markets, fix process challenges holding back their growth, and locate critical technologies they needed to complete a project vision.

Bill joined GrowthPilot as a partner in 2014 after spending fourteen years in various executive positions with fast-growing technology companies. Prior to joining GrowthPilot, Bill spent eight years as general counsel for Cbeyond, Inc., a public technology company headquartered in Atlanta which was taken private in 2014. Before Cbeyond, Bill spent four years at Covad Communications in a variety of executive roles.

Digital Strategy and online privacy with Giovanni Gallucci

On this week’s digital strategy segment, Giovanni and Michael are getting in depth in to some of the issues that have arisen with online privacy that have come to the forefront in the wake of Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony for Congress, and what business owners and marketers should know about the changing media landscape.