Polymath, Spectiv, CryptoCoast, and Pinpoint Homes on CEO Money

Trevor Koverko
Polymath is a highly automated and scalable platform that helps companies issue securities on the blockchain.
Trevor Koverko is prominent blockchain founder, investor and speaker. After launching his career at the convergence of Wall Street and Silicon Valley, Trevor became a very early leader in the blockchain community. He has keynoted major blockchain events like The North American Bitcoin Conference and seeded foundation projects like Ethereum, Aion, QTum, Hive, EOS and Shapeshift.

Nick Ravanbakash
Co-Founder, COO
Spectiv is the creator and initial adopter of the Signal Token protocol. The Signal Token Protocol is designed to decentralize the buying, selling and rewarding of attention by removing the middleman from the equation. This is achieved through Ad Campaign Smart Contracts.
The Signal Marketplace enables advertisers to directly reward attention influencers for driving engagement. This marketplace can be used by anyone interested in marketing their product, service, or media. The Signal Marketplace is currently being used by Spectiv VR to drive adoption in the growing VR space.

Reuben Godfrey
Blockchain Association of Ireland
Ireland’s Crypto Coast is made up of a collective of technical, creative and pioneering cryptographic businesses from all over the world. The country’s location, infrastructure, people and investment capital available has made us an exciting and powerful place from which to do business. We invite both homegrown and international blockchain and crypto-related technology businesses to join us in building the Crypto Coast block by block.

Mike Breese
PinPoint Homes, LLC
Pinpoint focuses on pinpointing diverse investment opportunities that deliver long term growth and consistent cash flow to our investors by leveraging over 40 years of experience and a billion dollars of residential real estate transactions.
Recently Pinpoint Homes began using several smart technologies to help monitor and protect properties, such as Rently Keyless systems to integrate keyless entry locks, smart thermostats, security cameras and other devices in homes they are renovating to sell and rentals.