Solutionomics, Author Doug Casey, and CodeLaunch on CEO Money

Chris Macke
Economic Expert

Chris Macke is the founder of ‘Solutionomics, a non-partisan platform dedicated to developing and disseminating solutions for creating a more dynamic American economy. Solutionomics is not affiliated with or working on behalf of a political party, Super PAC or lobbyist.
Macke’s focus is on creating a more efficient, ROI based corporate tax policy; replacing harmful global trade myths and policies with reality based economic and global trade strategies; and maintaining a financial system that provides a stable source of capital for consumers and businesses.

Doug Casey
Author, Founder
Casey Research

DOUG CASEY, world-renowned speculator and libertarian philosopher, wrote the definitive book on profiting from periods of economic turmoil, Crisis Investing, a #1 New York Times bestseller. His most recent releases, Totally Incorrect (2012) and Right on the Money (2013), continue his mission of challenging statism and advocating liberty and free markets. He has been a guest on hundreds of radio and TV shows, including David Letterman and Charlie Rose, and has been featured in publications such as Time, Forbes, People, and the Washington Post. Founder of Casey Research, he is a regular keynote speaker at FreedomFest, the world’s largest gathering of libertarians and like-minded thinkers.

Jason W. Taylor
CodeLaunch & Code Authority

Jason W. Taylor is the President and Founder of Code Authority Custom Software. Since 2001 Code Authority has created technology products for growing businesses of all sizes including startups. One example is the College Football Playoff. The “CFP” uses specialized custom software built and maintained by Code Authority to securely manage and conduct every Playoff Committee meeting.
Jason is the creator of “CodeLaunch” a new model for seed accelerators, and an annual event that showcases and supports seed funding for tech startups by pairing embryonic stage product ideas with developers and investors. Since 2013, CodeLaunch helped start at least 12 companies and in 2015 closed the first “exit”. In 2016, Jason was recognized by the Frisco, TX Chamber of Commerce as Entrepreneur of the Year due to the success of CodeLaunch and Code Authority. At CodeLaunch V Mayor Jeff Cheney proclaimed August 9, 2017 to be “CodeLaunch Day” in Frisco, TX in recognition of this significant annual event.