Stealth Grid, Pagetrader, and ConnexiCore on CEO Money

Larry Castro
Stealth Grid Corp

Proprietary patented decentralized dynamic split encryption StealthCrypto™, Polymorphic Hashed Encryption™ (PHE), “Dynamic GeoDistribution™” that is at the heart of Stealth Grids unique proprietary security and architecture. Stealth Grid provides quantum cyber security solutions to businesses, and consumers across a wide range of industry sectors, including blockchain, banking, government technology, loT, manufacturing, encrypted unified communications, cloud and mobile. Stealth Grid developing a Quantum Secure Digital Identity (QSDI) global ecosystem that is far superior than existing ID systems, which is global in nature, but yet secure, private and available on demand.

David Williams
President – Pagetrader
After years of day trading in the marketplace, our founder David Williams, created a trading product unlike any other. Using the forecasting methodology of Spatial Relationship Forecasting, the solutions provided by PageTrader are not mere changes to a repackaged or readjusted indicator provided by another trading system. When you want a superior day trading system solution for your investing portfolio, you want the products created by PageTrader. For superior forecasting services, PageTrader is the right choice for your daytrading activities.
PageTrader, Ltd is a Nevada limited liability company, dedicated to being the #1 futures forecasting service in the world. Through our unparalleled experience and knowledge in the daytrading market, our trading systems have given investors the information they need at their fingertips, giving them a profitable trading solution – consistently.

Frank Segarra

ConnexiCore™ is a Cloud Technology Solutions Provider. Our primary focus and mission statement is providing “vendor-neutral” IOT solutions to enterprise customers in all industries who have a need for migrating their technology solutions to the Cloud and improving workflow efficiencies. Cloud solutions are more secure, predictable and scalable than on-premise solutions and solve the traditional challenges of having technology reside on-premise.