Website Auditing, Effective Focus Inc, and Pinpoint Equity Group on CEO Money

Giovanni Gallucci
On today’s segment with Giovanni, he talks us through the process of a website audit by looking at a real website (from our second guest) and identifying the positive elements and the aspects of the site that need to be updated for search presence. Listen to find some tips and best practices that you could implement on your own website to help your digital presence.
Giovanni is an Ad Age, Emmy, Telly, and Webby award-winning search engine optimization expert, social media specialist, and digital strategist who develops loyal, engaged online audiences for brands in entertainment, fashion, food & beverage, sports, and technology. He spends most of his time as an online content producer, building online audiences by creating targeted, relevant content for engaging with fans on social networks via photography and video.

Kristine Conway MS, PCC
Effective Focus, Inc.

Kristine Conway is the CEO of Effective Focus, Inc. EFI is a partner in change that moves organizations and individuals forward by removing self-imposed barriers.
Kristine demonstrates how “getting out of your own way” be it individual or organization is the most powerful technique to increase effectiveness. Kristine partners with clients in exposing their own traditional illusions (however painful), which leads to increased innovation, improved personal accountability and strengthening of leaders.

Mike Breese
PinPoint Equity Group

About PinPoint
We pinpoint diverse investment opportunities that deliver long term growth and consistent cash flow to our investors by leveraging over 40 years of experience and a billion dollars of residential real estate transactions.

With more than 16 years of experience in the real estate industry, including more than 11 years as an investor in flips and rentals Micheal has successfully flipped more than 50 homes for his personal real estate portfolio. He has served as a consultant to some of the top 10 national field service companies and has led countless panel discussions on the topics of buying, renovating and selling real estate. His entrepreneurial drive and technology-driven approach to managing real estate has allowed him to remain ahead of the curve in industry trends and profitable investment opportunities.