$CBDY Target Group, Inc. …another 3800 % Winner, like $FUSZ ? You decide.

A friend and I were working some projects / ideas together when he brought

$FUSZ to me at 7 Cents last October.

I researched it , liked it… and bought some at $0.07  and .08 …and more at $0.10 …
…and trimmed starting at $.55 ,   all the way to $3.04 !!!
I have re- purchased recently , and think $FUSZ is going higher .

Here is the chart…

Naturally . I thanked him profusely + often  … and we continue working on new ideas / projects.

Recently he alerted me to $CBDY, Target Group, Inc.  when it was trading@ 3 Cents .
I researched it + bought some at 3 + 4  cents and it continues higher, now at $0.085.
Here is the $CBDY chart…

I asked him to tell me what he likes  about Target Group …and today he shared this:

“CBDY has some significant fundamentals that got my attention. 

 1. Target Group $CBDY is already in talks with a leading Canadian craft brewer and a major Canadian coffee/tea producer to pursue opportunities to develop non-alcoholic, cannabis-infused beverages for the Canadian market following legalization.

2. Founded on the belief that Canadians deserve access to a consistent and diverse supply of the highest quality cannabis, $CBDY Target Group’s  subsidiary Company, Canary,  intends to provide it. Canary is led by a diverse team with international management and commercial-scale cannabis production experience.

3. $CBDY Target Group’s Canary is a late-stage ACMPR applicant, in active review with Health Canada. Their 44,000 sq ft production facility will produce 3,600kg of cannabis per year, once complete.

4. The true market boom for the cannabis companies lies ahead so Target Group Inc. is fortifying their position to gain their fair share of what Canaccord’s report predicts : that legal marijuana sales would reach $6 billion in Canada by 2021, assuming sales begin in 2018.

5. In all, the economic boost to Canada from a legal pot market will be as much as $22.7 billion annually, Deloitte said, when including things such as growing and distribution, pot paraphernalia sales, and increased tourism and business taxes.”

I thanked him for sharing his insight !   …and I shall continue to monitor this move.