Enter Promo Code “BoltonFlautt” for a $50 Discount to the Denver Day for Crypto Conference March 10, 2018

If you are interested in becoming an investor in digital/crypto currency, then make plans for Saturday, March 10, 2018 from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. at the Downtown Westin in Denver, Colorado. Register now on the D4C website and enter my name “BoltonFlautt” for a $50 discount on your registration. This event is sponsored by one of my favorite cryptocurrencies SALT Lending (SALT), which I wrote an article on recently. I am very grateful to SALT Lending and especially Daniel Moore for the generous purchase of my ticket, the invite to the Opening Party the night before at Milk and Honey, and the promo code for the event under my name.

Daniel and SALT really know how to make someone feel welcome and roll out the red carpet, but enough about me, you want to know more about why YOU should attend the conference, right? For starters, you will learn how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies; how to keep your investments and identity safe; the future of cryptocurrency regulations and taxes; how blockchain technology is changing mainstream business; and all of the above with one-on-one interaction with industry leaders and innovators.

Sounds pretty good, right? It does to me, and one thing I want to learn more about is gas limits and prices, which I heard explained on a podcast on Crypto 101 last night during my walk. Basically, Taylor Monahan, the founder of My Ether Wallet and My Crypto, did a fantastic job explaining what gas limits and gas prices are and why they are important to Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs, which are how funds are raised for new cryptocurrency ventures (very similar to Initial Public Offerings, or IPOs, of stocks).

Now, let’s learn a little more about our host, SALT Lending. The Denver-based company allows holders of cryptocurrency to use their tokens as collateral to get loans deposited directly into their bank account. The terms are competitive, and, more importantly, solve a big problem associated with investing in digital currency – having to sell your coins and miss out on continued growth. Now you can take a loan out against your Bitcoin or Ethereum (more coins may be used as collateral in the future) for up to 60 percent of your stake; pay it back over 36 months; have cash on hand to pay bills, tuition, groceries, taxes, etc.; and keep ownership of your Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens while they continue to rise in value.

I should disclose that I own several SALT tokens, but the main reason for this article is to invite anyone who is curious, already involved, or deeply embedded in the crypto world to attend and engage industry experts with hard questions and be open-minded and attentive to the biggest worldwide movement towards decentralization since the Internet became mainstream when Al Gore invented it (I hope everyone knows that is a joke). But all jokes aside, the lineup of speakers from every realm of the digital currency world will be available under one roof for one day only, so take the leap and see what all the fuss is about. Thank you again to SALT Lending for organizing and hosting this event. See you there! Cheers…