Paymium is Your Bitcoin Bank and Trading Platform

When buying and selling Bitcoin, you need a bank to store your tokens after you either buy or sell them. This is where Paymium comes into the picture. The company has been in business since 2011 and is based in Paris, France. Basically, Paymium is an online exchange where buyers and sellers meet and conclude Bitcoin transactions. Paymium prices Bitcoin against the Euro (EUR) and offers a one-stop shop for all your transactions, whether it be buying and selling the coins or trading them on its trading interface. Paymium also offers a secure wallet for its users to store their Bitcoin.

I listened to Paymium’s Founder and CEO Pierre Noizat with Ed Baxter during in interview at the Bitcoin Superconference in Dallas, Texas in February 2018. The interview was very enlightening concerning Paymium’s mission to become the leading cryptographic exchange in Europe by 2020. Pierre believes the Euro digital currency market is underserved and gives some great insight related to the history of the crypto space since 2011 and its future as universal adoption continues to progress.

Skepticism remains the biggest hurdle for companies like Paymium and the other 1500 plus companies in the crypto space. It is a conflict for me at times because so many of the great ideas and concepts I’ve run across in this space sound too good to be true. But, just from the numbers alone, there is enough evidence to support that cryptos are here to stay. I just went to and saw where the market capitalization of the crypto space is $326 billion. That is more than most countries in the world are worth, and aside from the top 35 countries, digital currency has a higher value than 156 countries. Number 36 is Ireland and other popular countries like Finland, Venezuela, Portugal, Greece, and the Czech Republic are all worth less than the total value of all cryptocurrencies.

Many pundits will say $326 billion is pocket change compared to the $13 trillion that was lost during the real estate collapse of 2008. But, consider the fact that the crypto market appreciated more than 1200 percent in 2017 alone and that $326 billion seems a little more impressive. Okay, so enough about numbers and now let us get back to the real reason believers in the crypto space are in this for the long run. They could care less about how much their market capitalization is right now or what the price of their coin currently is – it is the betterment of humanity by connecting the top 35 countries with those other 156 who are not as fortunate. Imagine the ideas, competition, and productivity that would result from increasing the size of the labor pool.

Paymium is another business from the crypto space that is being very transparent with its business plan. Transparency is a good sign when evaluating a business and trying to decide whether to invest in them or not. If you are getting the run around when you try to call or email a company, I would move on. But if you are seeing CEO’s like Pierre Noizat showing their face at conferences and openly discussing the company’s past, present, and future, I would feel much better about the company’s chance of success.