PIVX Places Emphasis on Security, Speed, and Privacy in Digital Currency Space

PIVX is built for private, fast, and secure transactions and uses its proprietary Zerocoin protocol technology to make these transactions anonymous. So, when I want to spend money using my PIVX wallet and send tokens from A to B, PIVX current technology codes both mine and the receivers usernames to prevent any hacking or theft of valuable personal information. You can currently buy PIVX for about $5.50 per coin on the popular exchanges Bittrex and Binance along with many others. PIVX is ranked the #62 coin on CoinMarketCap.com and has a market capitalization of $307 million and a 24-hour average dollar volume of $2.3 million, so it is very liquid and easily navigable in and out of positions if short-term trading is your goal. However, I would like to share a few insights in the following paragraphs from my inspection of their website.

I was having a conversation with a friend yesterday about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, and he like myself really has a hard time grasping the basic concepts because of the fear of losing it all. I personally have invested $5 thousand into cryptocurrencies and own Bitcoin along with SALT, ADA (Cardano), XRP (Ripple), FUN (FunFair), and TRX (TRON). But, this small amount I invested really increased my desire to learn more about cryptocurrencies and, more importantly, investing in them. My friend who is still on the fence represents probably at least 75 percent of the people I talk too about crypto or digital currencies, and his concerns, whether valid or not, epitomize the majority opinion on why not to invest in any digital currencies.

One thing I know from my nearly twenty years in the world of finance is to dig deep and get down to the brick and mortar of a company before deciding whether to invest in them or not. In the case of PIVX, like so many other companies of the 21st century, their “brick and mortar” is a bunch of ones and zeros, but please do not mistake my lame attempt at humor as a justification on why to not invest in companies like PIVX because that is not my intention. Rather, I want to identify our landscape and point out the rules before we can play the game more effectively, instead of running around the football field like a bunch of cricket players, so to speak.

As I mentioned earlier, PIVX already offers private, fast, and secure transactions, which is one of the main drawbacks for so many potential investors in digital currency like my friend I acknowledged in the previous paragraph. Another reason I am more comfortable with PIVX is because of their transparency and nothing to hide attitude on their website and social networking pages. But, do not take my word for it, go to their website, join their community, and ask the hard questions before making an investment. Just FYI, they release a company update video once a week and post it on their website and YouTube Channel. That seems pretty transparent to me, which is why I bought a few of their coins before writing this article…