Weekly recycling updates

America Recycles Day is November 15

Here are Six Tips to Improve Recycling in Your Home! https://bit.ly/2DaK21c



Video: Cup to Cup: Closing the Loop – A Starbucks and Sustana Partnership

The “Cup to Cup: Closing the Loop” partnership project is an innovative collaboration between Sustana and three other supply chain partners, working together to demonstrate that Starbucks cups could be recycled and turned into new cups. https://bit.ly/2RPNOkC



Colgate partners with TerraCycle to launch recycling scheme for oral products and packaging

The program is a new recycling fundraising scheme which allows people to recycle for free any brand of toothbrush, toothpaste tubes and caps, toothbrush outer packaging and electric and battery toothbrush heads and toothpaste cartons, while raising money for the school, charity or non-profit of the sender’s choice. Anyone can sign up to the Recycling Program for free, either as a private collector or as a public location, which will be visible on the TerraCycle map and allows other people in that location to drop off their oral care waste for recycling. https://bit.ly/2zvW9CA



Casella Waste Systems reports revenue growth for Q3 2018

The Company says outperformance in solid waste, customer solutions and organics operations offset commodity pricing. https://bit.ly/2yUYCqS


Recycle electronics at Staples and get a coupon for $10 off a $30 purchase

Reward members who bring in electronics to recycle — from computers to scanners to tablets and fax machines — on Nov. 11-17 will get the coupon printed on a receipt. It’s free to join the rewards program. The company is accepting 30 types of recyclable items, including coffee brewers, to celebrate America Recycles Day. The company says only 40 percent of electronics are recycled. Incinerating or tossing electronics into landfills releases lead, mercury and cadmium into our air, soil and groundwater. https://bit.ly/2qCDalW





Alibaba Group will partner with the United Nations World Food Program to tackle one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – eradicating hunger – using advanced technologies to do so, they said in a joint release. The cloudcomputing arm of Alibaba, Alibaba Cloud, will leverage its big-data capabilities to help the WFP build a digital “World Hunger Map” to monitor the status of global hunger, while also digitizing WFP’s overall operations. The agreement was signed at Alibaba Group headquarters in Hangzhou on Saturday. The World Hunger Map is aimed at helping WFP improve assessment and monitoring of hunger crises around the world to improve its response times and strategies, according to the release. https://bit.ly/2D7VOJB



Amazon Celebrates America Recycles Day

Join us on our mission to recycle! On Thursday, November 15, Amazon will celebrate America Recycles Day with an electronics collection event in 5 cities across the country – Redmond, WA; Landover, MD; San Jose, CA; Arlington, TX; and Denver, CO. Nearly 100% of e-waste is recyclable, but most is sent to landfills or incinerated – creating environmental and human health risks. So mark your calendars, dig up those old electronics, and stop by between 11 am – 7 pm local time to be sure you’re disposing your e-waste properly. And while you’re there, check out the Amazon Treasure Truck that will be on site to thank you for doing your part to protect our planet. https://amazoncelebratesamericarecycle.splashthat.com





Beer Holthuis, a product designer and concept developer from the Netherlands, has created a 3D printer designed to recycle paper. Called the Paper Pulp Printer, Holthius system challenges the plastic-oriented production of other desktop systems, aiming for a more sustainable means of fabrication. “There is a growing market for 3D printing on demand,” explains Holthuis, “The print material is almost always plastic, besides some expensive exceptions. I was surprised there are no real sustainable materials used in 3D printing. [This was] a great starting point for my challenge to create the world’s first paper pulp printer,” The Paper Pulp 3D printer extrudes the paper waste with a natural binder, making 3D printed models “endlessly recyclable.” Holthuis added, “The design of the printed objects are using the possibilities and beauty of this technique. The tactile experience, bold lines and print speed results in distinctive shapes. The objects are also durable: Printed paper is surprisingly strong.” https://bit.ly/2Duns4M



Waste audit finds food scraps most common trash placed in recycling bins

A recent audit of GW’s recycling showed that food scraps are the most prevalent trash incorrectly placed in recycling bins. Officials said the most recent waste audit last spring found beverage containers and paper are the most frequently recycled items on campus. Beverage containers are also one of the items that are most often incorrectly placed in trash bins when they could be recycled, along with plastic food containers, junk mail and paper inserts. The audit program – which launched in 2014 – was slated to help GW cut campus waste by 50 percent over a three-year period. University spokesman Tim Pierce said GW regularly conducts both independent and University-led audits of recycling efforts. “From increasing awareness about the need for and challenges associated with recycling to ensuring the University adheres to the increasingly stringent requirements for ‘clean’ recycling, audits are essential as we continue to progress toward fulfilling our recycling requirements,” Pierce said in an email. https://bit.ly/2FdOgYv



Weekly podcast: Coca-Cola on how to cut plastic waste and GAR on the future for rural communities

This week: Coca-Cola’s Joe Franses on what Coke is doing to develop better plastic recycling rates and to leverage the power of its brand to encourage consumers to do the same. And Golden Agri-Resources’ Gotz Martin on what sustainable rural communities might look like in 2030. Plus: ZSL says palm oil companies still lack verification capacity, electric vehicles and child labour risks, and are consumers going vegan? https://bit.ly/2zEHkO8