5 Best Stock Research Websites | For Beginners and Intermediate Investors

Fundamental and technical investors seeking the best stock research will find several free and low cost sites that stand out from the rest. To find winning prospects, remember that in the long run, growing sales and earnings per share are what drive stock prices up. But, if you pay too high a price for a stock to begin with, the upside potential may be limited. Fortunately, all the stock research information you need is just a click away.

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The list of the best stock research websites includes research and tools that can help you make wise investment decisions and build a diversified stock investment portfolio. As a long time investor, former portfolio manager here are some of the best stock research websites for beginners and intermediate investors.

What is Stock Market Investment Research?

Stock analysis covers many components, with the goal of buying shares in a company that will grow and possibly pay dividends.

Stock analysis websites help you gather the data needed to pick the best long term stocks for your investment portfolio. The components of basic stock research involve gathering information such as:

  • Valuation ratios like price to earnings and price to sales.
  • Debt ratios like debt to equity.
  • Management effectiveness ratios like return on equity.
  • Growth ratios like earnings per share and revenue per share growth.
  • Analyst estimates.
  • Stock news.
  • Equity research reports.
  • Charts and technical factors.

After gathering the data, you’ll review and analyze the stock research and make a decision about whether to buy, sell, or hold the stock. Momentum investors and those who research stocks for trading strategies will find helpful investment research tools. While fundamental, buy and hold stock pickers won’t be disappointed with the stock research reports and tools.

5 Best Stock Market Websites

1. Yahoo!Finance

Cost: Free

Yahoo!Finance detailed stock quote-best stock market websites

Top Features

Yahoo!Finance is my go to investment site for financial news, a quick stock quote, and ratio check. You can access price, dividend, dividend yield, annual high and low prices, as well as a customizable chart. I use Yahoo!Finance to check valuations and growth prospects to decide whether to proceed or find another candidate to research. It is among the best free stock research websites.

Available data and information includes:

  • Detailed quote and customizable chart.
  • Ratios including beta, PE, EPS.
  • Financial statement summaries.
  • Company profile.
  • Statistics includes dozens of financial ratios, price history, share information such as insider ownership, short ratio, and float.
  • Options chain.
  • Analysts views.


Comprehensive fundamental data and customizable charts for FREE.

Statistics page includes; valuation, profitability, and management effectiveness ratios, along with financial statement highlights.

Analyst estimates include revenue, earnings, and growth rates.


Lacks professional research reports.

2. AAII-American Association of Individual Investors

Cost: Free and paid – $49 to $248 per year

Top Features

I’ve been a member of AAII for decades and find their stock research, data, strategies, and investment information comprehensive for individual investors of all types. AAII is a non-profit company and one of the best websites for researching stocks around. The site’s features are expansive and include information for beginner to advanced stock pickers, fund investors, dividend seekers, and those craving stock research tools.

  • Scores of stock screeners including; guru, factor, technical, Motley Fool, personal, and Investors Business Daily.
  • Monthly AAII Journal with stock and fund research, analysis, and strategy articles.
  • AAII Shadow Stock portfolio has outperformed the market 4 to 1 over the past 20 years.
  • Best stock ideas include a stock grades screener, dividend investing, starter stocks and many other investment idea generators.


Highly researched investment ideas and screens for all types of investors.

One-stop-shop to learn how to research stocks.

Community of investors with live educational events in major cities.


There are fees for extra features.

3. Morningstar

Cost: Free and $29.95 per month, $199 per year and lower fees for 2-3 year sign ups (2 week free trial)

morningstar stock research

Top Features

I’ve also subscribed to Morningstar premium for years and appreciate the in depth stock and fund research along with the analytical tools. The list of 5-star stocks, wide moat stocks, wide moat and undervalued, moats on sale and more are great starting points for stock research. The analysis and research is tough to beat and written by skilled investment experts. From strategy, ESG investing, to individual stock comparisons the research reports help investors choose individual stocks.

  • Market and economic news and analysis.
  • Stock screeners, comparison and ranking tools.
  • Individual stock data is exceptional-expert analysis, bull and bear comments, price vs. fair value, extensive ratio coverage, comparisons, and more.
  • Many lists, tools, and research reports including stock quick rank.


Excellent value for a comprehensive stock research website.

The expert research and bull and bear commentary add important insights to your stock analysis.

Portfolio x-ray tool enables premium members to save portfolios and compare analyze across multiple variables including overlap, sectors, and geography.


The website is best as the app is a bit confusing to maneuver.

4. Google Finance

Cost: Free

Top Features

The Google Finance one page summary includes basic quote including pricing, volume, dividend yield, PE ratio, and climate change score. Also included is a brief company history along with a financial performance chart and graph.


Easy access to climate change score.

Company profile is on initial quote page.

A range of basic stock research metrics on one page, including financials.


Limited data, in contrast with Yahoo!Finance and other stock research sites.

Only a few financial ratios available.

5. Fidelity

Cost: Free – some features only available for accountholders.

Fidelity stock research center - stock analysis tools

Top Features

I’ve also been a consumer of the Fidelity stock research tools for a long time. I believe that of all of large investment brokerage firms, Fidelity is one of the best stock market research websites. The crown of their offerings are the expansive list of third party research reports. Next, are the stock screeners, as well as fund screeners and a top notch bond department.

  • Lists include; top rated stocks by sector, market movers, high Equity Summary Score (StarMine from Refinitiv data).
  • Screeners include preset expert strategies and customizable.
  • Search for stocks by market cap, dividend yield, sector, Equity Summary Score and more.
  • Fundamental and technical analysis stock research tools and education.


Screeners and wealth for professional 3rd party research reports.

Access to the Fidelity platform with tools and resources for stocks, bonds, funds.

Superb educational offers.

Great customer service.


Many of the best features are reserved for customers.

Best Stock Research Websites – Runners Up

  • Motley Fool
  • Motley Fool Stock Advisor
  • Stock Rover
  • Zacks Investment Research

The best stock research websites provide the information that you need in an easily accessible manager for a price that works for you. In my days as a stock picker, I completely studies the stocks in which I invested and understood that patience was important. Finally, no matter how great a stock market researcher you are, on occasion, you’ll miss the mark.

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Personal disclosure: I have an account with Fidelity and paid subscriptions with AAII and Morningstar.

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