Analyst Michael Markowski on crypto finance infrastucture and why you should know tZERO, Startengine, and Choicetrade

Cryptocurrencies won’t be truly be viable as investment assets in the US until there is a proper, regulated infrastructure in place to handle them in a way the SEC considers legal. In the move from the “Wild West” into a regulated space, there are going to be firms that are much better positioned to become part of this crypto infrastructure.
WFN1’s Director of Research Michael Markowski forecasts that three of the players you should pay attention to are tZERO, StartEngine, and ChoiceTrade.

The tZERO platform integrates cryptographically secure distributed ledgers with existing market processes to reduce settlement time and costs, increase transparency, efficiency and auditability.
StartEngine allows everyday people to invest and own shares in startups and early growth companies. The nation’s leading equity crowdfunding platform, StartEngine is changing the way entrepreneurs raise capital.
Choicetrade is an award-winning online broker rated 4-stars by Barron’s magazine, 5 years running. We offer deep-discount pricing, great customer service, and access to streaming data services.

Michael Markowski has been involved in the Capital Markets since 1977. He spent the first 15 years of his career in the Financial Services Industry as a Stockbroker, Portfolio Manager, Venture Capitalist, Investment Banker and Analyst. Since 1996 Markowski has been involved in the Financial Information Industry and has produced research, information and products that have been used by investors to increase their performance and reduce their risk.

Michael Markowski
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