James McDowall is an expert at linking the worlds of blockchain and finance

James has an extensive and varied professional background that clearly exemplifies work ethic as well as financial and operational competence.
James has been a Professional Golfer in the PGA and holds an undefeated record as a champion Super-Welterweight Boxer. He chases excellence with intense drive, and a passion to be the best. Shortly after his career in sports, James transitioned into the realm of institutional-grade wealth management, working closely with a partner in St. James’s Place – a FTSE 100 financial services group that provides high-quality wealth management services to businesses and individuals across the UK – before relocating to Switzerland. In Switzerland, James found himself working with organisations such as Angel Mountain Global Wealth and SPIRIT Blockchain, where James is a member of the board.

James is an avid Blockchain enthusiast, entrepreneur and investor. He has spent the last 2 years travelling the globe doing extensive technical and fundamental analysis on the Blockchain industry and Cryptocurrency market. James acts as an independent advisor, influencer and consultant, providing education and strategy assessment, whilst leveraging his network and knowledge of the Blockchain and Financial industries to create synergy, realise partnerships, raise funds and connect the right people with the right projects. James resides in Switzerland and is a valuable asset to any company wishing to grow and turn their goals into reality.

James McDowall
Venture Capitalist | Pre/Post ICO/STO Crypto & Blockchain Advisor | Consultant