Kashif Imran helps funders find renewable energy and infrastructure projects across the globe

K.I.Advisor is a financial advisor and a financial planner, helping individuals and investors in managing their assets for pro-long period to have maximum output for their future goals.

Kashif Imran has over 14 years of experience in financial institutions like mutual funds, investment management and brokerage house. Out of which 12 years of experience i sin buy side research in asset management department as Senior Research/Investment Analyst with leading organizations like NIT, UBL Fund Managers, Lakson and PICIC. Currently he is associated as Senior Consultant Investment Management, Corporate Finance and Personnel for Oasis Group Holdings, Cape Town, South Africa.

Also, Mr Imran is associated with Family Office based in Brussels, Johannesburg & Doha as Vice Chairman, Executive Director & Board member. He runs banks, goldmines and other businesses of these family offices. Further, he is associated as Managing Director Pakistan for Infinite Zero IZ virtual currency from Silicon Valley. Moreover, he is also the Executive Director & Board Member of Infinite Zero, Silicon Valley, California, US.

Moreover, Kahif is working as a Transaction Advisory Consultant for Durare Renewables Corp, Vancouver, Canada. He has three years experience in M&A with a Syed brokerage based in Chicago as M&A Consultant. Also he is associated as Venture Capital Consultant with Maverick Entrepreneurs LLC St Petersburg Florida, a Venture Capital firm.

Kashif Imran
Managing Director