Mark Moss on how to have success investing in technology cycles like blockchain

Mark Moss has founded 6 companies each growing well past 7 figures within the first year including an exit on a sale with a Fortune 500 company. Mark learned about technology cycles the hard way, founding an internet based ecommerce business In 2000, right when the Internet Boom was going bust. And even with the markets crashing down, was able to build it into one of the largest sporting good ecommerce sites on the internet in the niche.

Mark is not your typical professional investor and its his well rounded experience in Business, Real Estate, Gold and Silver, Oil and Gas, Securities and Bonds, and his drive for better than market returns that give him the experience needed to navigate the tricky technology cycle of Bitcoin and Blockchain.

For over 20 years, Mark has traveled all over the world seeking non-traditional investments and alternative asset classes. From the oil and gas fields of Canada, Gold and Silver mines of Africa and Mexico, to emerging markets like India and Brazil, Mark’s boots-on-the-ground research and sense of adventure has allowed him to keep a finger on the global pulse, enabling him to jump on many trends at the earliest of stages, including crypto assets.

In 2014, Mark went all in on cryptocurrencies. In return, he launched one of the first online crypto asset publications, Block United, now known as Signal Profits. Since late 2016, he’s been researching and recommending long-term buy positions every month. His results speak for themselves with portfolio returns averaging 3,542%.

Mark Moss
Market Analyst – Market Disruptors, Co-Founder Signal Profits
Market disruptors / Signal Profits