Mish Schneider from Marketgauge helps investors learn how to read the market and maximize profits

MarketGauge was founded 20 ago years by successful floor traders turned hedge fund managers. Our experts have over 100 years of diversified experience as professional traders, technologists, and educators. Our mission is to provide strategic and actionable information that empower novice to professional investors and advisors to surpass their financial goals. We accomplish our mission with educational courses, proprietary trading tools, and proven quant-based models.

Michele Schneider currently serves as Director of Trading Research and Education at MarketGauge.com. MarketGauge.com has been a provider of financial information and education to thousands of individuals as well as large financial institutions and publications such as Barron ‘s, Fidelity, ILX Systems, Thomson Reuters and Bank of America.

Mish Scnhieder
Director of Trading Research and Education