Mish Schneider talks what to watch as the FOMC meets over interest rates – the dollar, oil, equities

Mish currently serves as Director of Trading Research and Education at MarketGauge.com. She writes and produces our daily market analysis in “Mish’s Daily”, and serves as a developer and trading mentor in several our trading services.

Mish is a former floor trader on several New York Commodity Exchanges, including Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa, NYMEX and FINEX in NYC. While on the trading floor she also served as a market analyst for two of the largest commodity trading firms at the time – Continental Grain, and Conti-Commodities.

Mish is the author of Plant Your Money Tree – offering readers a strategic and actionable way to look at their financial life with a completely new attitude of confidence, empowering them to make smart financial decisions.

Mish Scnheider
Director of Trading Research and Education