Nate Abercrombie from Investing with the Buyside focuses on info professional investors get

The IwtB Podcast is an investing podcast that gives all investors the opportunity to hear the CEOs and CFOs of public companies discuss their businesses, industries, and outlook. The privilege of hearing management’s perspective has long been an exclusive advantage of professional investors. The IwtB Podcast intends to change that by providing the broader investment community with some of the advantages professional investors have over everyone else. IwtB is intended for anyone who has an interest in learning about investing and various businesses, industries, and markets.

Before starting the IwtB Podcast, Nate was an equity researcher for a large institutional money manager. Before that, he worked in the wind industry as a project developer. He spent two years in Damascus, Syria learning Arabic after graduating from the University of Oklahoma and then went on to the University of Texas for graduate school.

Nate Abercrombie
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