Padmanand Warrier talks tech startups and why they crawl, stall, and fall

Padmanand is a technologist, inventor, writer, mentor, traveler, and philanthropist. He has a 360 perspective from “chips to cloud” based on diverse roles at Texas Instruments, HP, and Microsoft. He incorporates experience in developing, deploying, and distributing technology products and solutions for both Fortune 100 and startup companies, and customers/partners such as Walmart, Intel, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, and Cisco. He is experienced in collaborative change management such as the business transformation of Hotmail to with over 400 million users. He served on the board of the Product Management Community in Seattle. He has published a book on broadband, and contributed articles to the Forbes Technology Council on the topics of healthcare and smartcities. He helps accelerate IP commercialization from research. Pad has traveled extensively to virtually every continent and major city in the world. He is also an angel investor e.g. in Heal, a healthcare startup and an adviser, e.g. to Aggressively Organic, an agritech startup. Currently, he calls Austin home.

Padmanand Warrier
Technology Exec & Startup Adviser