Peter Lupoff on why impact investing is becoming important to mainstream investors and funds

​Peter M. Lupoff is the managing member of Lupoff Friends and Family Interests, LLC, his vehicle for direct and managed investments, impact investments, as well as his other advisory, research, teaching and writing activities. Peter is a Fordham University Fellow, at their Center for Research in Contemporary Finance. He is additionally, Fordham Gabelli School of Business, Executive in Residence (2018-19). Mr. Lupoff is Advisor to student-managed funds at Yale School of Management and Yale University, where he also is a Special Lecturer related to Impact Investing and Investment Research. A Fellow at think tank, World Policy Institute, Peter expands his work on Markets, Behavioral Finance, Impact Investing, and Market Shock and Dislocation. Peter is a Member of the Impact Investing & Sustainable Finance Faculty Consortium. Peter is also President of Clean Power for Humanity, a non-profit with the objective of bringing green power to rural developing world communities, to expand education and commerce.

Peter Lupoff
Lupoff Friends and Family Interests