Top 100 US Advisor Rebecca Walser on what is wrong with your 401k

Rebecca Walser is a Top 100 US Advisor, a Tax Attorney, a Wealth Strategist, a Certified Financial Planner® and now a #1 Bestselling Author of her first book, Wealth Unbroken – Growing Wealth Uninterrupted By Market Crashes, Taxes, And Even Death.
Ms. Walser is different… She has combined her years of financial experience with her tax law expertise to create an approach to building and sustaining wealth that most conventional advisors never even consider. Most advisors are new to tax diversification plays, but they are quite late to the game. Furthermore, they are not actually qualified to give you tax advice as their disclosures direct you to seek the advice of a tax professional. Most often, they are just advisors with a tax message… or they are an advisor with no tax message at all – even worse.
Leveraging her background as a financial consultant and a tax attorney, Rebecca discovered the two fundamental flaws in building and accumulating wealth in America since the 1980s – a case she builds quite thoroughly in her book. The combined threats of extreme market volatility and future tax law changes – which will be necessary due to the vastly changing demographics of the US population and the economic position of America in 2018 – demand a fresh approach to building your wealth where the status quo is intentionally challenged for its glaring failures. Rebecca is uniquely qualified to structure and implement such fresh strategies for her clients.

Rebecca Walser JD, LLM, CFP
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