Amin Saleem from

Amin Saleem
Commercial Director
Open Gift
Opengift is a platform where open source projects publish information about their development goals and progress. The platform analyzes a large amount of metrics and creates a project profile for investors and sponsors. Project shares (tokens) can be distributed among project team members and investors, while sponsors can finance development of software they need. The platform is integrated with blockchain and smart-contracts to process and guarantee fair and transparent earnings distribution. Such a system also allows backers to prioritize some of the project’s goals over other, or set up a new one.

Amin Saleem is a creative and digitally-savvy internet entrepreneur and accomplished professional in online marketing, sales and management. He founded, incubated, grew and then sold a DTI award-winning business – an online reverse auction, taking over £230m in orders, reaching over 1m unique users and establishing itself as a consumer champion in its industry.