August 22, 2017 CEO Money Segment 1 With Dr. Raj and Frank Elaridi

Dr. Bal Raj of Sports Surgeon LA specializes in sports medicine, joint replacement surgeries, and stem cell procedures. Named as one of America’s top orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Raj, a double board certified physician in the US and Canada, has been a pioneer in regenerative medicine by helping patients alleviate pain and repair injuries.

In 2006, Dr. Raj opened the Beverly Hills Orthopedic Institute which provides top notch care for both domestic and international patients. Six years later, Dr. Raj expanded his practice by opening an orthopedic clinic in Dubai. Having conducted over 5000 surgical procedures, Dr. Raj uses the most advanced techniques and technologies to perform a variety of procedures such as total knee replacement, knee cartilage restoration and Meniscus transplantation.

Dr. Raj is also an expert and a worldwide leader in stem cell procedures and therapy. He has performed a variety of stem cell techniques including bone marrow, amniotic and platelet rich plasma stem cell therapy. Combining his vast medical expertise and experience, and after years of research, Dr Raj has recently introduced a unique, age-defying stem cell system, the SSLA Triple Stem Cell System Product Line for the face and body.

For Tuesday’s Health and Wellness show, Dr. Raj will have a special celebrity guest,
2 time Emmy winner celebrity TV reporter and host, Mr. Frank Elaridi (