August 28, 2017 CEO Money Segment 3 with James Ross – Hedgechatter

CEO James Ross of HedgeChatter

Founded in 2009, HedgeChatter, a Fintech company, is making significant waves in finance. With its disruptive technology, this innovative company allows traders and investors to use predictive analytics to gauge intent and upcoming action ahead of trades being made. This advantage allows its customers to generate substantial returns. further correlates Social Media Financial Chatter to Stock Price by providing a platform which monitors keywords, trends, conversations and social media stock sentiment across a range of social media sites to determine the price direction of a stock. Traders can therefore watch activity for selected stocks and analyze trending social influence resulting in better trading decisions.

Co-founder Mr. James Ross currently serves as CEO at HedgeChatter Inc. With over ten years of startup experience, Mr. Ross is a Co-Founder of IPTel Direct & Stratum Global Networks, Technology Vision / Sales, UX . Mr. Ross was also the Chief Technology Officer of Universal Energy Holdings Inc. (alternate name IpTel Direct, Inc.), and led its technical team. For more, go to