August 28, 2017 CEO Money Segment 4 with Greg Wolfe of The WolfLine

CEO and Co-Founder Greg Wolfe of TheWolfLine™

TheWolfLine™ is an analytical product/sports trading platform that is revolutionizing the way that sports trading enthusiasts (both traditional and daily fantasy sports markets) accurately price their positions and manage trading risk. This innovative analytic platform allows sports traders to have fast and easy access to pattern recognition tools and a quantitative technical analysis. With its robust international IP portfolio, TheWolfLine™ is the only globally patented technology platform that deals exclusively with Efficient Market Hypothesis, behavioral economics, and mechanical market forces of price and probability.

Gregory Wolfe is the Co-Founder and CEO of Icarus Hegel Analytics, LLC. IHA, LLC offers quantitative risk management/analytic trading software products for traditional and non-traditional contexts of competitive speculation markets for both retail and institutional clientele. For more, go to