Christine Reppa from Noya on CEO Money

Christine Reppa

Noya is activewear designed by women for women. They have two major passions: nature and supporting badass babes who unapologetically follow their dreams no matter what limitations society tries to place on them.

Noya focuses on reducing the brand’s production impact on the environment by planting ten trees for every item sold, using eco-friendly material, and sourcing as locally as possible. Their designs are made in the USA, and a lot of them are made right in Dallas, TX where Noya makes it’s home.

Christine is the founder and CEO at Noya, a yoga apparel brand, Chief Experience Creator at Compete Every Day, a lifestyle apparel brand, and the exclusive agent for Dana Vollmer, a three-time Olympic swimmer and one of the most gold-medaled female US Olympic athletes of all time. In building an apparel brand from scratch, she learned valuable lessons about engaging with customers from around the country in a meaningful way, and designing products for these customers that not only stand out but also represent our shared values.