David Rechberger of BoostBox H2 on CEO Money

David Rechberger
CEO – Boost Box H2
An experienced executive with hands on engineering and operational expertise with strong skills in project management, quality systems development and process engineering.

The 7th generation BoostBox H2 system is a ruggedized 18″x16″x14″ box made of recycled and recyclable materials. Inside, the top half houses our technology and the bottom half is a water reservoir which holds enough water for around 2500 miles of on road use. This reliable system has a single moving part, a Swiss military grade diaphragm pump. On-the-road use is as simple as adding distilled water.

Normally, fuel is ignited several degrees before the beginning of the combustion/power stroke and is still burning when the piston reaches the bottom of the power stoke. The remaining, unburnt fuel is jettisoned through the exhaust system (ETH Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich) in the form of hydrocarbon emissions. With BoostBox H2, the injection of the higher flame rate hydrogen acts as a combustion catalyst, to more completely combust the available diesel fuel faster, hotter and earlier in the power stroke.