Jake Thompson from Compete Every Day on CEO Money

Jake Thompson
Chief Encouragement Officer – Compete Every Day
Jake is a speaker, entrepreneur, podcaster, and marketer. In reality, he does far more than those titles make it seem. At his speaking engagements, Jake draws from his experience as a competitor to help others find their own competitive edge. He uses stories and actionable tips, often referencing the traits of the most successful competitors. His primary message is that each person has the ability and the power to apply the Key Characteristics of a Competitor to their lives and be successful.

This message is evident in his company, Compete Every Day, which is a community of true competitors. CED is known for its successful line of athletic wear, though Jake prefers to focus on the community first. Like other entrepreneurs, he is a founder and businessman, but unlike most, he believes his most important title is Chief Encouragement Officer.

Jake studies great competitors, and his research helped him create a process that can help people achieve their goals and experience a purpose-driven life. He references that process when he speaks, with CED’s members, and in his podcast.
The Better Than Yesterday podcast is for a specific audience: people who want to fight for something better, and who believe life is worth competing for.

Jake also serves as the Head of Marketing for Big Beat Dallas, which features restaurants and bars with daily live music performances.