Jay Hamilton from Presage Solutions on CEO Money

Jay Hamilton
Founder & CEO
Presage Solutions Inc,

Jay Hamilton is Founder & CEO Presage Solutions, Inc. a Fort Worth, TX-based managed services firm specializing in IT support for healthcare and life science companies. Presage guides small and medium sized businesses through the growth process with the latest cloud-based IT solutions. Presage offers network-based services, and application development and integrations, with a proven production method which joins people, process and technology to meet the high expectations of enterprise customers.
At Presage, Jay oversees the design, implementation and IT technology solutions that align client business processes and budget requirements so that they benefit from the highest level of professional services in the areas of security, network engineering, project management and managed services. Key industries that Presage Solutions serve include: Long Term Care, Rehab Hospitals, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Equipment, and Distribution.