John Kosar from Asbury Research on CEO Money

John Kosar
Chief Market Strategist – Asbury Research

Asbury Research helps professional investors manage market risks and improve
performance via a unique, multi-layered approach that includes quantitative, technical, and behavioral analysis. With thirty-five years of institutional investment experience and proprietary market analytics, Asbury Research produces a strategic macro-analysis and forecast of the US financial landscape while also defining specific investment opportunities in individual assets such as the US stock market and market sectors, US
interest rates and Treasuries, foreign exchange, and economically influential commodities.
With over thirty years of experience, John Kosar, CMT, has spent his career analyzing and forecasting global financial markets. His understanding of intermarket relationships and global perspective was shaped on the floor of the Chicago futures exchanges. Mr. Kosar’s diverse blend of technical and quantitative metrics tend to be more insightful and forward-looking than the typical Wall Street approach. John’s analysis is global in scope, with a focus on the US equity market and sectors. Today, John is frequently quoted in the financial press for media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Yahoo! Finance, Reuters and many others while he has made frequent appearances on programs such as CNBC, Fox Business, and Bloomberg.